The Free Bitcoin Traffic Funnel Action Plan

Start Here – Free Bitcoin Traffic Funnel Action Plan

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The Free Bitcoin Traffic Funnel Action Plan

Welcome to your Free Bitcoin Traffic Funnel Action Plan. This is an Internet Business, designed to create multiple streams of residual income with Free Bitcoin and powerful Internet Marketing.  It is presented in an exact  action plan, step by step, day by day to set up a profitable  multiple residual income stream Internet business.

This successful system is built on Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies for several reasons. One, several of the modules include mining as well as capitalising on fluctuating rates and markets which no other investment type in the fiat world can compare. Two, there are methods of amassing free assets in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies at levels not available in cash. And three, and you must be a believer to get excited about this program, this is the most lucrative financial innovation in our lifetime.

The Free Bitcoin Traffic Funnel Action Plan is broken down into sequential, informative, actionable modules. These modules are comprehensive and vast including and not limited to:

  • 25+ Residual Income Streams
  • Automated Traffic Funnels Generating 30,000+ Unique Visitors To Those Streams Per Month
  • Full Training and Mentoring
  • Personal Branding With Your Own Product
  • and Much More!

The system is designed in day by day calendar action blocks to make it very easy to follow and measure results. To get us started I will say one thing…Success only comes through action. We cannot expect results without the work to produce them, so this I guarantee…If you take these same steps that I have researched and developed over the last ( months, you will build your very own Cryptocurrency Business that you can retire on!

Lets get started !

Start Up Tools And Resources:

Our Biggest start up tool is non other than Google. Step one is to get very familiar with Google. Most people are aware of Google to certain degrees but in the course of building your business we will use:

  • Multiple Gmail Addresses
  • Tabs
  • Blogger
  • Adsense
  • Analytics
  • Search Console
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Business Listings
  • Google+
  • Youtube
  • Smart Password
  • Calendar
  • and More….

But as promised   everything is designed to be step by step and never to overwhelm you. You can move at your own pace….. But we strongly encourage you (and support you) to take consistent focused action in your business.

You will see the results that you work for!

Introductory Module: Step 1.

Google Tools:

  • 2 Gmail addresses – Open a new primary email address as your Business address. Use your name or preferred business address to start your branding practises. Keep in mind at this point long term image of your business. Your second email will be a secondary one that you will attach to your primary account and you can label anything like “bulk” or “programs” etc. You will use this to sign up for the myriad of free bitcoin sites and marketing practises ie. traffic,promotion,networking,social media as not to clog your primary business address with the large number of returning emails this system generates. Gmail is highly developed and emails are easily moved around between addresses,labels, and to the calendar. Great Free Business organisation.
  • Custom Form Fill – Under settings you are able to pre-fill your basic information in order to pre-fill data for you on each site, making the mass sign up process quick and painless.
  • Smart Password – As mentioned there will be a large number of essential free sites and systems we need to sign up for in the initial stage. Smart Password will not only generate encrypted passwords for you but safely store them and sign you in to those sites forever effortlesly. Your never have to worry about losing sign up info with this tool.
  • Crypto-Tab – Google is fully on board the Cryptocurrency train. They now provide a free light weight Bitcoin Browser Miner. HERE is your first free residual income stream —-> Google Browser Miner

Introductory Module: Step 2.

Free CPU or GPU Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrecy Miners:

In this system we use 4 more free miners as well as Google.

– A multi-coin CPU miner – be aware of your hardware and bandwidth limitations

– A GPU Miner – As above miner your will need to be aware of your hardware and bandwidth limitations

– Coinpot plays a multi purpose role in this system as a micro-wallet and browser miner and a key component of orchestrating currency movement. In this step get the Coinpot Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash Browser miners going. When we get to the Faucet as well as  Free Cloud Mining Modules, Coinpot will also play an important roll.

– This is another Micro wallet, Faucet payment portal and browser miner.

You will have to experiment with your individual needs and systems as to any drag or drain on your usage. In the Traffic Module, we incorporate several free auto surfing software that also have some usage issues. I mix and match , if I am filming for the Youtube Channel or blogging I might shut some of it down to speed up action. I actually have a couple computers running different aspects but this system can certainly be run from one good laptop to start.

We now move onto the Free Bitcoin Cloud Mining Module: Module 1) Free Bitcoin Cloud Mining